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Burbank Police Drop Injured Homeless Man on Sidewalk in Front of L.A. Council President's North Hollywood Office. Krekorian Calls for Investigation

Posted on 06/07/2024

LOS ANGELES - The office of Los Angeles City Council President Paul Krekorian has acquired video showing two uniformed officers emerging from a Burbank police car, removing a man from the car and driving off, while the man collapses on the pavement. The video was recorded directly in front of the Council President's North Hollywood District office.

"We have known for years that neighboring cities were dumping unhoused people on the streets of Los Angeles. Here is the proof," said Krekorian as he showed the video to reporters at a City Hall press conference earlier today.

After extensive effort upon viewing the video, the staff of Krekorian’s North Hollywood office located the abandoned man, whose name is being withheld.  He is now receiving medical attention.  It appears that he recently became homeless while living outside of Los Angeles.

"We in Los Angeles have worked long and hard to bring our unhoused neighbors off the streets by building interim shelters, tiny homes, navigation centers, and supportive housing. Meanwhile, neighboring jurisdictions have simply removed unhoused people from their streets and dumped them on ours," said Krekorian. "This is inhumane and inexcusable."

The Council President is calling on the City Attorney, the District Attorney, and the Attorney General of California to investigate both this incident, and the continuing practice of one jurisdiction dumping its homeless and indigent residents on the streets of another.