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Committee Moves Forward on Road to Reform

Posted on 09/22/2023
Council President Krekorian and Assistant President Pro Tem Bob Blumenfield listening to public testimony at meeting of Ad Hoc Committee on City Governance Reform

In a session lasting over six hours, broadcast live on Channel 35, the Ad Hoc Committee on City Governance Reform, chaired by Council President Paul Krekorian, worked their way through all 13 sections of the Chief Legislative Analyst's latest report, summarizing the Committee's previous decisions and clarifying remaining questions concerning redistricting reform.

The members of the Committee, as well as many community advocates and academic experts consulted by the committee over the last nine months of meetings, are now in general agreement over most of the issues involved in creating an independent redistricting commission.

Among the issues still to be resolved are how best to ensure diversity of representation on the redistricting commission, to what degree a commission can address disposition of economic assets in designing new districts, and how best to ensure continuity of representation during a transition from old districts to new ones.

In a special meeting next month, the committee will address the remaining questions, before submitting draft amendments to the full Council for placement on the 2024 election ballot. 

Apart from the work of the Ad Hoc Committee, Council President Krekorian has introduced a motion to create a separate commission to study and propose further reforms to our City Charter, to be placed before the voters in the next two election cycles.