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Council Funds Affordable Housing, Homeless Prevention

Posted on 08/29/2023
Exterior view of City Hall with the sun glaring at the pinnacle

Last November, Los Angeles voters responded to rising levels of homelessness and a shortage of affordable housing in their city by voting decisively for passage of Measure ULA. This “mansion tax,” as it is often called, imposes a surcharge on the sale of properties valued at over $5 million, with the resulting revenue dedicated to affordable housing and homelessness prevention programs.  With $55 million collected in the first four months since passage, and more coming in, the City Council is taking action to put these funds to work.

This week the Council appropriated the first $150 million of ULA revenue to fund six programs established in the ballot measure, including short-term emergency rental assistance, eviction defense, tenant outreach and education, direct cash assistance for low-income seniors and people living with disabilities, protections from tenant harassment, and construction and acquisition of affordable housing production. 

The Mayor congratulated the Council for approving the inaugural Measure ULA expenditure.  "I am pleased to see that the first $150 million from this significant new revenue stream is now on its way to doing the work the voters intended," said City Council President Paul Krekorian. "Among other things, these funds will assist rent-burdened families and seniors, and expedite construction of affordable multifamily housing on City-owned land. This is exactly what was promised when Angelenos voted for Measure ULA, and now that promise is being fulfilled."