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Council Passes Historic Plans for Hollywood and Downtown L.A.

Posted on 05/03/2023

LOS ANGELES (May 3, 2023) - By unanimous vote, the Los Angeles City Council today approved updated Community Plans for both Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles, two of the most densely populated areas in the city, and longtime flashpoints of controversy.

Following unanimous votes on the two plans, Council President Paul Krekorian thanked Los Angeles City Planning and the members of the Council for completing “undoubtedly the two most difficult plans in the entire city.”  

Community plans, by definition, are among the most contentious issues the Council considers.  The Community Plan for Downtown Los Angeles had not been updated in 20 years, while the plan for Hollywood was last updated in 1988.  

“This is going to be incredibly important to the city’s  future, addressing our housing needs and our economic development,” said Krekorian. “We have a Council with the greatest diversity of viewpoints in recent memory, and we just voted unanimously on two matters that no Council has been able to finish in over 20 years.  This was a product of robust debate, stakeholder input, advocacy, and consensus building.  I want to applaud all the members of this Council for doing something monumentally important for the City of Los Angeles.”

The Community Plans will facilitate the creation of affordable housing, updating zoning and providing a measure of certainty to a process long subject to the discretion of individual Councilmembers. 

In addition to the paramount priority of creating affordable housing, the newly approved plans provide for the preservation of open hillside space above Hollywood, and protect critically important jobs in the Downtown garment industry, while promoting jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector.