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The Council President's statement on passage of SB 52

Posted on 09/16/2023

“I very much share the goal and intention of SB 52 to ensure fair and independent redistricting.  Fortunately, the City Council is already poised to place a fully independent redistricting system before the voters of Los Angeles in November 2024,” said City Council President Paul Krekorian.  “I initiated this process, along with Councilmember Raman, long before the scandal of the recorded meeting that took place at the LA County Federation of Labor, and long before any state legislation was introduced to subvert our City Charter.   SB 52 would impose its mandates in 2029, but I am unwilling to wait another five years for action on fundamental reforms.  Only Los Angeles voters, not politicians, must make these decisions, and thanks to the work of the City Council we will be giving them that opportunity next year as the State Constitution and the City Charter require.”