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DeLeon Refusal to Resign

Posted on 04/14/2023

LOS ANGELES - City Council President Paul Krekorian has released the following statement in response to Councilmember Kevin De Lens statement to the press that he will not resign his office. Apologies will not be nearly enough to undo the damage that this city has suffered. The hateful words that were spoken in that secret meeting have re-opened a deep and painful wound in this city. People are hurting and demand change. The only way we can begin to heal as a city is for Mr.De Leon to take responsibility for his actions, accept the consequences, and step down. I believe Mr. De Len has it in him to be a better person than we heard on that tape, but apologizing is not the same as making amends. We need to show the world that there is no seat for racism, exclusion and disrespect on the Los Angeles City Council.