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Posted on 10/07/2020

In the wake of an unprecedented show of political support for Armenia and the Armenian people, Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Krekorian has called on the public to pressure the American government to unequivocally back Artsakh, which was invaded September 27 by Azerbaijan and its close ally Turkey.Its unconscionable that our government has not offered its unqualified support for the independent, democratic republic of Artsakh, said Krekorian. Active involvement of the United States offers the best hope to stop the slaughter of Armenian men, women, and children by the Azeri and Turkish war machine.
Krekorian noted that Turkey has paid jihadist mercenaries from Libya and Syria to participate in the fighting.
The same people who chant Death to America are now killing Armenians, noted Krekorian. Its outrageous that the U.S. government does not actively oppose those who given the chance would seek to destroy us.
Earlier this week, Krekorian and Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian organized a diverse coalition of elected officials from local, state, and federal government to rally on behalf of Artsakh and the Armenian people. The event, which took place on the steps of Los Angeles City Hall, included Mayor Eric Garcetti, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, Congressman Adam Schiff, and Nury Martinez, president of the Los Angeles City Council.
The speakers condemned the invasion, called on the U.S. government to back the people of Artsakh, and stressed the historic and strong ties between the City of Los Angeles, the local Armenian-American community, and Armenians around the world.
A video recording of the event was viewed more than a million times in just 36 hours.
During the presentation, a member of my staff received a text from a young man on the front lines in Stepanakert (capital of Artsakh) saying that he and everyone he knows were watching, said Krekorian. He said it brought them hope that there may be peace, and added that thousands of people hiding in bunkers in Artsakh also got hope from the words that were said.