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L.A. City Council Moves to Expedite Film and Television Production

Posted on 12/12/2023

LOS ANGELES - With actors’ and writers’ strikes in the rear view mirror, the City offices responsible for issuing permits for motion picture and television production in Los Angeles can expect a tsunami of permit requests.

The Los Angeles City Council, acting on a motion by Council President Paul Krekorian, has instructed all relevant city departments to identify any resources or policy changes that may be needed to speed the resumption of local film and television production.

“The report is due back in 15 days and we intend to act on the recommendations we receive,” said Council President Krekorian. “The time it takes to get permits approved can be the most significant determinant of producers’ decisions to shoot in Los Angeles or take their productions and their jobs elsewhere. We intend to keep those jobs here in Los Angeles.”  

As a State Assemblymember in 2009, Krekorian authored the State’s first film and television production tax credit. That incentive has generated more than $23 billion in economic output and supported the employment of more than 178,000 cast and crew members.  Overall, the entertainment industry brings in over $30 billion to the State of California and more than $100 billion in tourism. 

The recent work stoppage cost the state untold billions of dollars. It was the first time in over 60 years that both the actors’ and writers’ unions were on strike. At 146 days, the writer’s strike was the second longest in Hollywood history. Canceled or postponed production led to the loss of 17,000 entertainment industry jobs in August of this year alone. 

Small businesses throughout the city depend on the patronage of entertainment workers; when they are out of work, those small businesses too need to lay off workers or cut hours and wages. So swift resumption of motion picture and television production is essential to the health of our economy.

The City of Los Angeles remains committed to supporting all workers and small businesses supported by the entertainment industry, and is acting decisively to encourage and expedite the resumption of film and television production in the city.