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Los Angeles Commemorates 101st Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

Posted on 04/22/2016

LOS ANGELES - On Wednesday, Councilmember Krekorian, the first Armenian-American member of the Los Angeles City Council, led the commemoration of the 101st Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide at City Hall. The presentation honored the work of the community organizations and individuals who organized the historic Centennial Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. He highlighted the dedicated organizers of the March for Justice Rally last April, which drew more than 160,000 Armenian-Americans and allies to the streets of Hollywood. The Los Angeles area has the largest population of Armenians outside Armenia, with 200,000 people calling it home.
"This week marks the culmination of the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide," said Krekorian. "As we commemorate its 101st anniversary, we pause to remember one of the most tragic atrocities in human history, the significance of its profound lessons, and continue forward in the fight for justice and recognition for the millions of lives that were lost so that we may survive."