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Reforming City Firearm Procurement

Posted on 06/05/2024

LOS ANGELES -  Today, Los Angeles City Council President Paul Krekorian moved to ensure that any firearms purchased by the city of Los Angeles are procured from dealers with clean records of complying with federal, state and local laws.

“Across the United States, taxpayers spend more than $5 billion a year to buy guns and ammunition to equip law enforcement agencies,” said Council President Krekorian. “Unfortunately, some public agencies have made such purchases from firearms dealers that have a record of violating federal, state or local laws governing their business.”

Among other things, such violations include failing to complete background checks to verify that customers are not prohibited from buying firearms, failing to maintain customer records critical to law enforcement investigations, and failing to submit multiple sales reports, which are vital in preventing straw purchasing. 

“Compliance with the laws regulating firearms dealers is an essential element in reducing firearms trafficking and gun violence,” said Krekorian.  “The City should use its enormous purchasing power to incentivize better business practices.  The City should never use taxpayer dollars to purchase from firearms dealers who irresponsibly fail to conform to the law.”

The Council President has introduced a motion directing  the City Attorney to draft an ordinance, similar to that recently enacted in San Diego to require that firearms and ammunitions manufacturers and dealers with whom the City conducts business are complying with all applicable laws and have no unresolved violations from any type of inspection. The proposed ordinance further requires that all dealers have policies in place to meet the requirements outlined in the Ordinance before they can contract with the City.