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Remembering Guy Weddington McCreary

Posted on 10/20/2014

NORTH HOLLYWOOD - San Fernando Valley businessman, highly accomplished historian, preservationist and descendant of one the Valley's first families, Guy Weddington McCreary lost his battle to cancer earlier this week.Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, McCreary graduated from North Hollywood High School, received his Bachelor's degree from Whittier College and went on to pursue a Masters degree in Government and history from Claremont College.
Throughout his life, he worked to revitalize the Valley and preserve its deep and important history, especially that of this own family, who were instrumental to the region's founding.
In 1886, the Weddington family settled and developed what is now North Hollywood, Studio City and Toluca Lake. They laid the groundwork for what the Valley is today. McCreary's great-grandrather, Wilson Weddington, was the first postmaster of Toluca and became constable in 1892. The Weddingtons' original farm included most of what is North Hollywood's business district today.
Throughout their now 128-year history in the San Fernando Valley, the Weddington family provided the land for the first school, the first jail, the first North Hollywood fire stations and the Southern Pacific train depot that is presently being remodeled next to the Orange Line terminus today.
McCreary's family also built the North Hollywood post office, the El Portal Theater, the Bank of Lankershim, the Weddington Brothers General Store and the North Hollywood Library. The Weddingtons also created and dedicated North Hollywood Park (selling it to the City of Los Angeles for $10) and operated the Bonner Packing Co., which produced and shipped fruit from the San Fernando Valley across the nation and internationally.
True to his family's roots, McCreary spent much of his time serving the public. He was a commissioner on the Los Angeles County Commission for Public Social Services and was involved in many organizations, such as the Universal City North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the Jaycees, Toluca Little League, the Kiwanis Club of North Hollywood and the Key Club.
Guy Weddington McCreary and his family were foundational, transformative figures for our Valley. He fought to preserve the past while also ensuring that the Valley continued to develop into the future. Guy Weddington McCreary is survived by his wife, Diane, son Jonathan and many, many friends.